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—Worlds of Possibility.

Portal is a creative agency specialising in the video game industry. After a few years of growth, and working with games industry titans, they approached us needing a brand that could elevate them to the next level and help them become an established player amongst the industry heavyweights. 


Working alongside the Portal team, we developed an identity centred around the main character of their brand story, the dynamic P. 


The iconic graphic and custom font embody the new brand spirit, sharing the same modern and future-facing features, giving fantastic impact and versatility across static and motion executions. 


The line ‘Worlds of Possibility’ is a nod to the endless prospects that await clients working with Portal, interacting seamlessly with the P, acting as a gateway to a different dimension. 


Our scope of work included the design and build of a new website, allowing Portal to showcase their work and values in a way that would capture attention immediately.


The finishing touches provided Portal with a framework and foundation to continue developing the brand as they grow, with extensive brand guidelines and motion graphic suggestions.

*All games shown in the following visuals are clients of Portal Studio and images used remain the intellectual property of the relevant parties.

Portal landscape logo
Dynamic P icon with games character extruding from it.
Portal proposition "Creative agency to the games industry"
Outdoor media with title "Worlds of Possibility"
Outdoor media with 2 games held in the P icon with the logo iin the central screen

The dynamic P acts as an ever shifting portal through to new worlds, bringing the games and content to life in a truly ownable way.


From warped, to flat, to deconstructed, so much variation can be achieved through this iconic asset, one which inspires the behaviour of all key brand building blocks.

Portal logo with the P above with game assets in the P icon
Portal logo with the P above with game assets in the P icon
3 posters with the P icon flat and different assets from the same game
Game graphic extruding fro the P icon

As well as bringing the games to life, it was important to develop ways to pull the audience through the "Portal" and transport them to new and exciting worlds.


This gives the brand a robust set of elements to achieve distinctive layout and communications.

Game graphic at the centre with warp visual system surrounding
Hand holding phone with graphics flying from the P icon and title "Game launches from another dimension"
Portal brand layout system examples
Example of a presentation talk. The big P graphic on screen with title "Worlds of Possibility"
Expanded P with broken down information
Combo to performing a Hadouken in Street Fighter

The brand has the ability to align with the games it represents and the other brands it partners with, portraying an in-depth understanding of the industry.


This not only positions Portal as gaming experts, but as true gaming lovers.

PLEASE NOTE - some of the following images are for creative purposes only, and must not be used in any other way without written consent.

P icon's ability to morph and represent social platforms

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