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Avery Fairbank logo sitting over smart executive woman in a circle


 – Brand Design

 – Logo Design

 – Key Messaging

 – Brand Guidelines

 – Website Design 

 – Sales & marketing collateral

 – Brand Video

Avery Fairbank

—Discovering a new identity.

Avery Fairbank is a new Life Science and Technology Executive Search company. After an amazing first year for the business, we were challenged to overhaul the brand’s visual identity and help accelerate growth in 2023 and beyond. 


Aligning with the new proposition, ‘The Smartest Approach’, the brand reflects their ability to see both the larger picture as well as dive into the minutia of data and industry expertise. The design system is inspired by one of Life Science's most pivotal inventions, the microscope, allowing us to focus in on cellular levels of detail.

The custom wordmark and simple colour palette combine to create modern, forward thinking brand, fitting seamlessly within the worlds of life science, technology and finance. 


We created a robust set of brand guidelines and a flexible suite of graphical assets, allowing the use of the brand in a simple and effective way moving forwards.

Avery Fairbank Logo on light background.
Billboard saying "Focused Executive Search" with a man in a circle on a black background.
Avery Fairbank Business card
Avery Fairbank on  phone with their proposition "Discover Smarter Executive Search".
Avery Fairbank Office sign
Example podcast on spotify called "Talking Talent"
Mobile phone with woman in and headlinig "Advance your career"
Website home page with smart looking executive and headline "Discover A Smarter Approach to Search"

“We now have an identity that tells a clear story and cohesively conveys our mission and values. It's clear that it will endure as we scale and grow and easily translates across every aspect of our business, both internal and external. We recommend Custom Studio to anyone who asks and would undoubtedly use no other agency in the future."

Rosie Macdonald

Marketing Director

Phone with smart man and the Avery Faibank logo, sitting on stylized data.
Curved data stream
Two clock faces showing the time in London and San Francisco using the Avery Fairbank Logo
Poster with a glass cube image and title "Building Tomorrow"
Poster with title "Adavancing tomorrow's life science & technology industry"
Circle infographic displaying persentages.
Large Pie chart using an image in the background,
Layout of lots of pages of their Market Analysis Reports
Example of expandiing data

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