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Seed Print brand case study with business card and abstract plants behind

–More work

brand expression of people cliff jumping and the word "Thrills" behind them
Woman and grandaughter hugging and the title "Stories that move"
Dabble logo in black on pink background
Dabble logo animating on in pink and purple with support line "Stories that move"
Zooming in on a floating unicorn with the title "Trust no one"
Dabble brand tatic expression. "Spirit" text elevating upwards and a repeating image of woman jumping
Dabble logo in pink on yellow background
Looping images of the sales materials for he brand
Static of a story unfolding of a roller skater in the sunlight repeated across the screen with the title "Express"
Brand expressions in a phone with sign off line "Stories that move" and people hugging
Dabble logo details
Glowing version of the logo on purple
Dabble colour with logo on different backgrounds

"From day one in our discovery session, Nick and Alex really took the time to understand us and who we wanted to be as a business.

The outcome speaks for itself."

Maggie Senior

Co-Founder and Executive Producer

"We love our brand's whole look and feel and believe it makes a massive difference when selling ourselves to our clients. We couldn’t recommend them more."

Maggie Senior

Co-Founder and Executive Producer

Illustrative words creating the "STOP. PLAY. PAUSE." video icons


– Brand Workshops

– Brand strategy

– Proposition and messaging

– Logo design

– Brand design

– Animation direction


—Stories that move.

Dabble are a new video production agency dedicated to powerful storytelling that leaves a lasting impression.


They came to us wanting to create their new brand ahead of launching the agency.

Starting with a brand workshop to learn and understand more about Dabble’s ambitions, we formulated a robust proposition and brand strategy. 


Developing a bright and vibrant design style was a top priority, reflecting the co-founders’ personalities and desire to stand out from the norm within the industry. Bold iconography and playful type further tie the new style together perfectly.


The strapline ‘Stories that move’ is more than a line, it’s a commitment to make a difference, to create powerful content that changes the way people think and act.

We collaborated with Dabble to create an exciting animation system that stands out and offers great flexibility.

Let's partner to create something great.

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