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Mahalo Rae

—Brighter business development

Mahalo Rae is a Business Development and Partnerships agency for the creative and charity sectors. After a few years of growth, we were approached to develop a new brand as the business entered into a period of expansion.


Through our discovery sessions and personal experience, we quickly realised that business development is often a source of angst for creative agencies and charities, neglected when things are busy and a stressful necessary evil when things are not. 


As part of the new brand, we have positioned Mahalo Rae as ‘Brighter Business Development’, a reassuring beacon in the industry, signalling positive commercial change and helping remove some of the stress and worry from the process. 

The new logo harnesses the sun's behaviour. Inspired by the spirit of the tropical islands of Hawaii, with uplifting, positive and quirky characteristics, supported by a bright and dark contrasting colour palette and optimistic tone of voice, providing a warming and confident sense to all communications.

The design idea is inspired by the empowering and calming movement of the sun. It brings a brightness and a warmth to the brand that projects confidence and reassurance across all communications.

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