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—The Connected Community Lifting app for gyms.

Brawn is a community-focused app that connects members to their gym and other members who lift—making training easier with audio workouts, gym challenges and progress tracking. While helping gyms keep their members engaged and loyal. 


2023 is a big year for Brawn, and we were tasked with developing their brand to look, feel and sound more relevant to their key audience - moving away from their original powerlifting roots to be more inclusive and wide-reaching - as they began to roll our their eagerly anticipated product into gyms nationwide. 


We wanted to bring people together to create a community feel for gyms and their members, achieved by creating a more inclusive visual identity and a supportive tone of voice. 


We developed a flexible design system to provide Brawn with the tools and framework to implement across key communication channels, including social media, product app and website.

Brawn primary logo
3d brand icon arrow
Large graph style with text "tracking your progress"
"REWARD" with the "A" replaced by the brawn arrow brand icon
Inspiration for awards in Brawn app
Example of stats using the brawn arrow icon
Arrows repeated in circle with text at the centre "Keep all of your mambers engaged"
example of Brawn layout
Example of Brawn brand layout with message "Lift. Progress. Connect."
Example of Brawn social in a phone with shout out to gym member for "Biggest Effort"
example social post for Brawn challenge winner
Social post for the top gyms in the UK

During our journey through brand development, we created in-gym elements aimed directly at members to engage and encourage interaction.

Poster in gym with Brawn QR code"Track your progress"
Brawn QR code on gym equipment

Brawn have a unique proposition that appeals to both large franchise gyms and independently owned. We built in a level of flexibility into the design system that allows them to align their communications to the type of audience they are talking to.

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