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York Valkyrie badge on yellow
York Knights badge on gray
York Knights wall art with the badge replacing the "o" in "york"
LYork Knights badge zooming in and out to the York Valkyrie badge
Valkyrie icon replacing the "o" in "York"
Billboard of the knight icon and wording


– Crest Design 

– Brand Development

– Design development

– Brand Launch


—A new era for Rugby League in York.

After a recent takeover, there are exciting times ahead for Rugby League in the city of York. 


To mark the dawn of a new era, we were tasked with redesigning the York City Knights’ club badge and launching a new identity for their successful women’s team.


With a focus on modernising the crest, we set about drawing the iconic Knight in a more contemporary illustration style, creating a style and design system fit for the new digital era.  


As the club invests tirelessly in the women’s team infrastructure, we wanted to create a badge that epitomises the club’s spirit and gives the women’s team an identity to be proud of whilst still feeling connected and engaged to the York RLFC family. 


Introducing the York RLFC Valkyrie. 


Using the legendary Valkyrie commands respect and creates a powerful symbol for the players, supporters, and city to embrace.


The new design system and executions are bold and fearless, designed to grab attention around the city and showcase a new era of Rugby League in York.

York Valkyrie badge on a shirt close up
"Rise p" outdoor graphics
Club pin badges
Valkyrie outdoor graphics with title "Rise up"

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The Royal Armouries in Leeds became a well of inspiration, allowing us to immerse ourselves in both the history of knight's armour and the nuances of their form.

York club typography
Process of designing the badges
Badge consistency
Both team badges for YORK RLFC Knights and Valkyrie with title "One Club. Two Teams."
Knights jumper merchandise
Valkyrie mug merchandise
RISE UP expressive typography
One club. Two teams. typography
Valkyrie pattern
Knights pattern
Hospitality passes for the VIP rooms
Branded coffee cups for the ground
Two playes wearing the new kits for 2022 season
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